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Balanced.  Calm, honest, communicator, powerful intuition with strong connection to the divine.  Angels present.   Natural healer with psychic ability. Experiencing a period of calm and healing.   Active, passionate individual with very strong will, ready to accept challenges.
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Experiencing a period of calm and strong intuition. Working closely with guides and spirit. Passionate at heart.   Mildly stressed individual. Very creative.  Self expression important. Warm healing across heart.   Spiritually motivated with Angels  present. Psychic ability, energy around the heart.
example 7   example 8   example 9
Active person, taking some time out for themselves great opportunities for new growth.
Spiritually motivated, intuitive and visual individual. Experiencing a period of healing and new growth.
This individual is moving toward a more peaceful time, experiencing inner calm and a period of self reflection.
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Logic driven individual, with keen eye for detail, also quite intuitive.
Busy person, with active schedule, highly creative and expressive.
Well grounded individual, great at manifesting ideas into reality. Very intuitive, working with guides.
example 13   example 13   example 13
Busy Individual about to undergo some positive changes.  

A bright and vibrant individual. Just gone through a transformational process and experiencing positive emotions, bring her a sense of calm and peace.


A creative individual who is examining some deep truths within themselves. Putting energy toward manifesting some new ideas.

  Aura example photo    

A busy individual who is currently processing some changes in her recent past. Right now all of her energy is directed towards taking some action on a practical level.

  The beautiful vibrant energy of someone who is leaving behind a stressful, emotional period.
Moving toward healing and new growth with a sense of peace and calm coming in.